Pen Clip is the Best Thing Since Sticky Notes

I keep a clipboard for each of my classes. Each clipboard contains an attendance record, seating chart, as well as their practice and assessment grades, instead of keeping a Gradebook. I put papers to hand back to students on that classes clipboard and I don’t forget to hand them back.

I just have a slight problem with this. I walk around the room with my clipboard and help students and records things, etc. The next thing I know, I’ve lost my pen.

Here’s the solution!!!!!

I found these on Amazon. Now I won’t lose my pens all of the time



What have I gotten myself into?

I love teaching. I really love teaching math. High school math to be specific. One of the other math teachers at the high school I teach at talked us all in to going to Twitter Math Camp next summer. I’m really excited. So I figure now is the time to get my blog started. I’ve been wanting to start one and now I have the perfect excuse to do so!

I’m hoping as I post things I teach in my classroom that I can get feedback from others. It will be very welcomed. I will never learn all there is to know about teaching.

I hope you enjoy my future posts and keep coming back and giving advise/feedback/comments.